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Thread: 1911 grip safety issue

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    There is also "The Answer" made and installed by Novak which completely eliminates the grip safety.

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    Played around with a few Springfield Armory 1911s at the range yesterday, the SA beaver tail grip safety seems to be thick and uncontoured enough to eliminate the issue. I gripped the guns high and in the same manner that fouls the GS on my nighthawk, but some combination of a thicker tang and taller memory bump kept the GS depressed appropriately on both the Range Officer I handled and the EMP.

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    On of my commercial Colt 45 Autos bought new in 1970 came with paperwork explaining that the pistol could fire if dropped with a chambered round. S&W's Model 39, Ilama's, Stars, P-38's, and many other pistols also shared this trait. This group includes the vast numbers of war surplus and commercial pistols imported after WW2. I admit to having removed firing pin blocks from 1980 type 1911's. However, I replaced the firing pins with titanium pins whose smaller mass gives them less inertia if bumped.

    About 1911 grip safeties. Drop in jobs are not created equal. Many place the hand too low. The big name smiths offered their own designs having a somewhat complex fitting procedure which involved contouring(grinding)the frame.

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