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Thread: Piggybacking off the LVPO thread in Rifles and Carbines...RFI: single mag pouch

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    CB - I should probably clarify. Often times when I'm out in the desert I run across other people four wheeling or just exploring. Once we have kind of sort of out that everybody is okay, it's common practice to get out of the vehicle and visit with them. I don't want to exit my truck overtly displaying gun gear.

    What I'm worried about is coming over a ridgeline or around the bend in a canyon and running into one of the illegal grows. The people who work them are becoming more and more aggressive.

    I am probably way over thinking this, but I truly am on my own out there.

    I agree that a twenty round magazine would work the best.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    I just came across these. I have no personal experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    Now I want a HSGI Polymer TACO and a Bladetech paddle...
    Quote Originally Posted by MTP View Post
    I know over here (PF) we dont like them (the company) much, but this would also work well
    I did go ahead and order some more Bladetech paddles today. I have a kydex AR mag holder that I never really liked (did Tony/JMCK used to make one?...) that has a TekLok on it, maybe the reason I don't like it is the TekLok. I guess they are OK, but I have not embraced them. I think they perch stuff too far off the belt, maybe now that I have tried the SCM Wilderness belt I should give them another try.

    But I also have shotshell caddies for twin-loading at 3G, and they are a PITA and you don't want them hanging on your belt unless that stage requires them. I decided the paddle might be a good compromise for those. Also new people come out and it would be nice to loan them easily. So I ordered three of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ECVMatt View Post
    To make a long story less boring, I remembered that my LAPD Gear jeans have a magazine pocket on the hip and I carry my cell phone in it daily. It is extremely comfortable and I often times forget it is there. I happened to be up at my desert house this weekend shooting, so I through in a P-mag and wore it the entire time I was up there. It hides well under a teeshirt and is very comfortable.
    One of my friends/shooting buddies just always wears his 511 pants that have a pocket that is nice for his pistol mag and another one that is nice for his rifle mag.

    I currently have a pair of these in my in my shopping cart, I think I have a Streamlight that will fit where that carpenter's pencil is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosermann View Post
    I use the comp-tac above or the Safariland version with the 1.5 belt clip. Both easy on easy off and conceal under a t-shirt.

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