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Thread: On duty vs off duty guns - grip angles

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    Fwiw, I found I did better staying with one platform - 5" 1911 & a Commander; 4.25" M&P & a Compact (both Gens) or a 4" Shield; and during my brief foray into Glocks, a 17 & a 19.

    That's me. I've heard Pressburg talk about issues he experienced with shooting a Glock at his day job and a 1911 platform on weekends. That led to him (then) going all Glock.

    If switching works for you, excellent, stay with it.

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    Not combat pistols but a related observation: I have a Ruger MkII I bought in 86 and a twenty or so year old 22/45. The 22/45 has been shot quite a lot more than the MkII since I bought it. A month or so ago I was shooting the MkII and noticed the different grip angle was throwing me off when trying to quickly acquire targets.

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    I see this issue as a tempest in a teapot.

    You have to train for you.

    I find that 10-15 minutes dry fire allows me to carry different guns at different locations. I know, I need to stay consistent so I don't get kilt on da streetz. A risk I am willing to take. G17.4 with RMR at work, LCR in 9mm when I don't want to carry a gun. Strong side hip, AIWB, and Enigma. I cycle through each weekly.

    MY choice. You make your own.


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    I always preferred to stay with one system, not primarily for the grip angles, but for the manual of arms. I usually carried my SIG226 9mm, but occasionally utilized a 228. When my former agency transitioned to the .40, I stayed with the .40 version, very occasionally rolling with a 229 which wasn't really a help size or weight-wise. As I was a firearms instructor and felt I should display confidence in our weapons, I stayed with the FNS-9 when we adopted that, taking a deep breath and hoping for the best when I carried that off (or on) duty.

    I tried this with back-up guns, initially using a SIG 239. I later transitioned to a Glock 27 and a 9mm Shield.

    Today I roll with one flavor 9mm Glock or another. If they arm my retirement gig, it will likely be with that platform.

    While I'm not a fan of switching systems for the sake of variety, I'd agree training and practice can largely reduce or eliminate any problem that might occur.

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    Grip angles

    Itís gonna depend on you, more so than anything else.

    Do some of the harder drills that have short time frames and high accuracy requirements (Gabe White standards, Scott Jedlinski standards, Bill Drill, FAST drill, Rob Leatham 5 in 5 at 25) and see how you do with different guns.

    G17/19, 1911/2011 in multiple varieties, differences are quite neglible for *me*, when it comes to grip angle.

    Been shooting the 1911/2011 and Glock platforms (and also Beretta and Sig 220/226/228) over the years in a professional capacity (and also personal) since 1990.

    Early on I thought the grip angle (and also bore axis height) would be an issue, but never found that to be the case.

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    Went to the range Sunday to finally shoot the Optics ready M&P compact I bought a little while back and to shoot the only Glock I have left, my first issued duty weapon, a G22 RTF2.

    I ordered a new recoil spring for the G22 because I think it still had the original circa 2009 vintage one in it, but it didnít arrive in time for the range trip.

    The G22 recoiled more than I remember a G22 recoiling and a good bit more than my M&P 40 I use at my current department. The new recoil spring arrived yesterday. Holy cow was the old one worn out. The difference in racking the slide was huge between the two. Lol. Time for another range trip I guess.

    Slow fire at the range was no big deal switching between the two platforms, Iíll have to speed things up and see if thereís an issue.

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    Over the past 20 years I have carried some flavor of 1911 on duty and quite often off duty also. I occasionally carry a Glock 43 or 26 at times off duty when clothing or environment dictates something other than a hunk of steal hanging on your side. My normal range days include both platforms, 1911 and Glock 43/26 and recently I've introduced a Staccato C2 into the mix.

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    We have glocks at work and I carry glocks except one 365xl, but the grip isn't far off from my 26. It takes a while to get used to my dad's m&p or buddies 2011. Prefer to stay the same across the board.

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    Thinking about this more lately, as I have been shooting Sig and Glock grip angles, I think the difference is a bigger deal with a red dot. A bit of misalignment with iron sights is not ideal, but is still workable. With the red dot, that misalignment might mean no red dot visible in the display.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVS View Post
    I used to carry different guns on duty vs. off. A lot of the guys carried our issue BUG gun off duty, S&W 638. That being said, these days if I was in that boat and I was using optics guns, I would go with the same grip angle. All of the guys saying it doesn't make a difference must be much better shooters than me. I just came off an IDPA season of using different guns including BUG no optic, and the angle definitely makes a difference for me especially in DTFS.
    It definitely matters to me. Sure, I can work around itÖ but I prefer not to.

    If someone doesnít notice a differenceÖ it is because they donít notice it, not because it isnít there.*

    To me, revolvers point like CZs and Sigs so all those are fair game for me if I get a choice.

    *Note thatís a separate question from whether that difference matters in the context of a gunfight. For most people, probably not. But if I can avoid taking a drop in skill due to equipment confounding, Iíll choose that.

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