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Thread: K9 Sticker on Vehicle as Deterrent

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    Our guy is a big boy...28" @ withers 115lbs. so he rides in the Suburban......while getting gas, had one guy come up to the car and wanted to pet him...the truck was shaken like a volcanic eruption...and I wasn't too nice about it.....told him to hit the road.

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    Here's a better pic...

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    Gorgeous doggo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odin Bravo One View Post
    For those who claim such things are not effective……. Oh fucking kay!!!! Nothing anyone says here will change your opinion. But you’re more than welcome to come get un-fucking ignorant at my training site any time.

    I always need new bite dummies……
    Most people have never seen a dog working outside of cop chases on tv or you tube. Its a whole nother thing to be standing there when the dog launches. My first exposure was so intense I had immediate serious doubts about my plan. My purchase plans not criminal ones😂
    The multiples of bruises through a bite suit are a clue.
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    I'll wager you a PF dollar™ 😎
    The lunatics are running the asylum

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    I know a dumb ass who studied karate and swears that he could defeat any police dog with his bare hands. I ain't rich but would pay $100 to watch this contest. Hell, I'd pay $200.

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    Most of the LE dogs are on the smaller side for ease of handling / over a fence, etc.....60 to 70lbs......our boy is 115lbs @ 28" and has a mouth like a bear trap. The pressure his jaws generate just in play is unnerving some times....would not consider a serious bite situation for no money......omo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog Face Gremlin View Post
    have seen this live............amazing.
    Most (not all) working dogs I know started out in shutzhund, getting at least a BH, if not an IPO ranking. The state SME for police canine titled his working dog and competed in the World Finals in Germany with his dog wearing IPO (then Sch)-3, AD, FH, while a full time sheriff's deputy. The level of detail when trainiing that dog was INCREDIBLE. He built a wooden frame for his dog to lie in so the dog learned to lay with a stright, long body. His roots show, and we started training a donated mal in IPO.

    Despite the fact the dog was bred by one of the State SME's suppliers and passed selection testing by the only Canine Master Instructor recognized by the state, my agency decided after dealing with our last primadonna handler that the canine program needed to go, and as long as the Deputy Chief was concerned we would never again have a canine program as long as she is with the agency. She retired our last dog 14 years ago, and is showing no sign of leaving.

    When that happened my donated mal became a family pet. Most mals I have worked and trained were the usual "flighty-bitey", frenetic, all over the place mals. My guy at two was more laid back and confident than my best friend's working GSD. I decided Ringsport was the way to go for my smart, calm, level headed Mal. I have shared this before, but this video played a role in that decision...

    My wife's year long cancer scare cut short our training, so now he is a foot warmer in the den most days. But the intelligence, confidence and decision making, for lack of a better term, the five year old Rush shows in the video is simply phenomenal.

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