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Thread: What EDC flashlight

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    If someone finds the perfect light, let me know. I want:

    High Candela (35k+)
    High Color Rendering (90-95+)
    Enough Lumens (900-1500)
    TWO modes - ALL THE LIGHT and 10% of the light accessible via some kind of positive lockout/lock-in
    18650 or 18350 compatible.

    This light doesn't currently exist.
    Maybe the Emisar D4V2 using an Nichia 519A?

    The Weltool T19 will be a bit short on the candela, but is still pretty decent at ~27k.
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    Iíve been carrying a Klarus XT2C for the last decade or so. My first one lasted 4-5 years until the rubber on the button tore. The cost of a replacement tail cap would have been about half the cost of a new light so I just bought a new one. The second one is still going strong and has been for the last 5 years or so. I like the settings and the user interface of having a primary button in the center of the tailcap and a secondary/mode button next to it. Click the main tailcap button and you get all the lumens. For a light that might be used for defensive/duty applications, I want the first activation to be all the lumens. If youíre doing something administrative or just trying to find something you accidentally knocked off your desk, hit the mode button and the light gets dimmer. Hit it a second time, and the light gets dimmer still. The third click of the mode button cycles you back to all the lumens. Just hitting the mode button when the light is off activates a strobe mode which I could do without but Iíve never accidentally activated the strobe when I wanted constant on.

    Uses 18650 batteries. I think the newer versions have an additional brightness mode below the all the lumens mode. Theyíre also plugin rechargeable.
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    Fenix PD35 v3.

    1700 lumens
    31900 Mandela
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    For EDC uses, Iíve been really sold on the flat body style flashlights, particularly the OLight Arkfield. The flat body allows it to be carried in the pocket like a pocket knifeÖ no more round bulges like a traditional light. I know Surefire and Streamlight have flat bodied lights, but I haven had a chance to try them out.

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    I want to try the flat lights but the switching on many of them are on the side. Not what I am use to.

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    I got the Arkfield to dip my toes in the flat light world. Hopefully the design style catches on and more companies jump on and more innovations and options become available.

    The only drawbacks I can see with the flat design is the use of proprietary batteries. The Arkfieldís battery is sealed inside the body and canít be accessed. If the battery goes bad, the entire light need to be replaced. I donít know about Surefire or Streamlightís offerings though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMF13 View Post
    Fenix PD35 v3.

    1700 lumens
    31900 Mandela
    CRI of about 60.

    The challenge with high CRI lights is that the tint and power to get high CRI tends to result in low candela. It's a trade-off. About the best you can do is ~750-1200lumens and 30k candela to get 95+ CRI.

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    Streamlight Stylus Pro and it is about as big as I'm willing to go.

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    There is a trade off in ease of carry with respect to size. I like the size and shape of stylus and flat flashlights which makes it easy to carry all the time. But they may not have features that are useful for self-defense. More lumens and fist-sized are better for self-defense, so I understand the question that was asked in beginning, what is the intended use. And just like everything on PF, I am now looking at expensive custom stuff that cost a lot vs good enough. 😁

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    I have a Pelican 2350 that Iím pretty happy with. I have to carry a flashlight for work and the 2350 is my backup. Itís listed for $42 on Amazon right now. Part of the reason I bought it is that it runs on AA batteries. It goes through batteries quicker than it would if it ran on CR123ís but AAís are cheap and easy to find.

    I have also been really happy with Streamlightís products. I switched over to using AA battery powered lights after I was on vacation in the UK and the CR123 battery in my light died. It was $20 for a replacement battery!
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