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Thread: How Perishable is all this stuff?

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    I can't explain this, but I think some people are inordinately stronger than others who have similar muscle mass. I observed examples when working in corrections. Combining such strength with good coordination, endurance, meanness, anger, and stupidity creates a dangerous opponent.

    Thatís me. I was a scrawny 127 until I was 40, now Iím about 130-135.

    I never cared for MMA but I used to do it quite a bit because not many people liked to box and I wanted to spar so sometimes I had to roll around with the MMA guys. I always thought it was a bunch of bullshit.

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    A peaceful man is capable of great violence, but he keeps it under control. If a man is not capable of violence, he is not peaceful. He is just harmless. (Jordan Peterson)

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