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    My wife must've hacked the account.

    There's nothing civil about this war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awp_101 View Post
    Woohoo! I'm gonna shitpost all night and tomorrow morning apologize to everyone I offended and claim I was hacked.
    Yeah, the notorious hacker Bud Weiser has got into my account a couple times too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe in PNG View Post
    JEEBUZ,.. that’s a LOT of Dicks!! (…I feel dirty somehow!) 🤣

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45dotACP View Post
    Man, I almost got hit with a scam that advertised itself as the US postal service....freakiest thing was that when I clicked the link, the website looked very much like the USPS website.

    These scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and while I'm not much of a boomer, it was surprising how close I came to being had.

    Careful out there folks.
    Never click the link. Always go to the website directly through your browser of choice.
    “If you know the way broadly you will see it in everything." - Miyamoto Musashi

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    This isn't a PF-specific thing, folks. Another reason why Buy/Sell/Trade is limited to Site Supporters only.

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