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Thread: New HK SFP9 CC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumme View Post
    When you look at the bottom left pics of the regular and OR model you can see a railed and non railed gripframe..
    Ah, OK, now it makes sense to me. I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fly out View Post
    the second of which is basically "short reset."
    Quote Originally Posted by MTP View Post
    The first part says "abzug mit leichtem abzugsgewicht"

    Trigger with light trigger weight - light trigger pull
    Both correct.

    Even more precisely, the first part says "SF-Abzug", where "SF" means special forces. Background: In Germany, the SFP9 which is very similar to the VP9 is available with two different triggers: SF trigger and TR trigger. The TR trigger fulfills a German technical guideline for police pistols (TR = "Technische Richtlinie"). The TR trigger weight is heavier and it has a longer reset travel. Perhaps the SFP9CC will also be available with two different triggers.
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    Video from Enforce Tac 2024:

    I ran the video description through a German English translator and came up with this, not 100% sure it's correct as my German is pretty bad:

    "The SFP9CC is the smallest version of the Heckler & Koch SFP series. The modular concept of the pistol allows for many different setups, from the Red Dot option to a very compact grip without rail.
    Due to the conformity of the TR (Technical Directive), the SFP9CC is an ideal weapon for concealed carrying according to official specifications."

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