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Thread: Need Help: Red Dot not showing in glass

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    Unhappy Need Help: Red Dot not showing in glass

    I recently purchased a Sig Sauer SOR1P103 Romeo1Pro Red Dot Sight to mount on my Sig P320 M17. I installed the battery and increased the brightness so I can see the Red Dot. I do see it, but itís pegged all the way at the bottom and does not appear anyway in the glass. I tried adjusting the elevation to the max up position, but it still doesnít appear anywhere is the glass. I also slowly turned it to the max in the other direction, but still nothing. And no matter how I change my view, the Red Dot is never in my field of view thru the glass. I am doing something wrong?

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    Is it mounted to a pistol, or are you holding it in your hand? If not mounted, set it on a flat surface and look through the optic with as close to parallel as you can get. If there is something coming from the projector, but itís not showing on the glass, contact sig and have them fix it.

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    Is it possible that you are looking through it backwards - if not mounted?

    One good thing about Sig in my experience, they're quick on repairs. I had trouble with a Romeo1 that I had bought on sale and let sit around for over a year before using it. I didn't think it adjusted elevation correctly. Sent it in and they fixed it pretty quickly.

    Also, if you're still around, don't be shy, lots of folks here to learn and a lot of folks here to help you learn.
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    Contact Sig.

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