Iíve been looking for very small fixed blade to carry on my Osprey Savu 5 mountain biking hip pack. I came across this knife when looking at an Esee Candiru. I plan to use it later this week during some riding in VA. The knife came extremely sharp and it will most likely be carried a lot and used a little and should suffice for how I plan to use it. I also carry a Spyderco Native 5 LW clipped in my shorts so this will be an extra and more accessible three-finger fixed blade.

I like that it came with G10 grips and the sheath profile is much shorter in blade height than the Candiru. Comes with Tek-Lok but I prefer Pull the Dot snaps. Iím not a fan of 550 wrap and Candiru scales would have made it thicker than needed.

Stock photo and details from Knight Elements with a few personal photos included. This is also small enough to be carried scout style as EDC when not on my bike.

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