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Thread: Thoughts on primer price trends?

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    I'm looking at Winchester large pistol primers locally from a private party for $85 per 1,000. It appears that large pistol primers are still bringing close to or over $100 per 1K online, if you can find some. Is that what you are seeing too?
    How many are you planning to buy? That is a big part of the consideration, even if you plan on ordering 5k shipping and HazMat can flirt with $10/k.
    Do you know the private party to be legit? Probably worth hopping on at least some at $85.

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    I'm looking for no more than 5,000 LPP at this time due to the high prices. I hope that the prices will come down and then I'll buy some more incrementally.

    Online I'm seeing a minimum of $100 plus per 1K even when buying 5K when shipping and hazmat are included.

    I've dealt with the local private party before and I don't have any reservations there outside of the price of the primers at $85 per 1K. I will be seeing him to buy 5K of the Winchester large pistol primers. It just chaps my behind to be paying nearly 3x more for LPPs now vs 4 years ago.

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    It appears this time around, primer prices arenít going to find a floor before the next panic hits, so Iíd buy however much you can afford.

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    Foreign made primers still have the lowest prices

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