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Thread: EDCLB M-Plus | P-F Special Offer

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    EDCLB M-Plus | P-F Special Offer

    This is another Lego light that I have been carrying and testing. I very much like it and think it's worth a serious look for anyone who prefers a full size light for EDC use that is still manageable to carry. For our P-F pocket clip fans, the robust deep carry pocket clip fits perfectly (see photo below) and holds the light securely. I'd be shocked if anyone bends it!

    The beam is "cool white" with little-to-no blue. The center hot spot is 20,000 cd with a bright white corona surrounding it. The spill is very wide and bright enough to maintain SA with peripheral vision. I have personally used the higher-voltage version of this head (M91T) for years on an MD3 body and it remains one of my favorites.

    Overall this is a high quality, extremely durable light with good handling qualities and excellent performance.

    Marketing statement follows, with purchase info at the end of the post.


    The EDCLB M-Plus series is based on the superb made-in-the-U.S.A Malkoff MDx series of lights that feature a no-nonsense user interface and high quality, bullet-proof construction. The M-Plus series are accessorized by EDCLB for optimal EDC self-defense use.

    M-Plus MD2|M61HOT


    A versatile dual-fuel light intended for EDC self defense and general illumination use. This light uses the Malkoff M61HOT head assembly featuring the Cree XP-L HI emitter, a heavy brass heat sink for excellent thermal control and a fully potted PCB for extreme durability. Utilizing a tightly focused TIR optic, it produces 750 lumens with a broad 20,000 candela peak hotspot and an estimated 90 minutes of ANSI F1 run time with 18650 3500 mAh Li-ion cell. The MD2|M61HOT can reach far into the dark and create a blinding photonic barrier to deter nearby aggressors.

    This light includes Malkoff’s high/low bezel switch - a durable, predictable and utterly reliable means of controlling light output. A simple twist of the bezel selects high or low output that can be set before or during operation of the light. With the bezel tightened the light will operate at maximum output - every time and without fail when the switch is pressed. A simple quarter-turn of the bezel drops the output to five lumens, which is perfect for ensuring safe footing, finding dropped items and other general close-up lighting needs without blinding the user. No user programming required, no accidental mode changes when manually strobing the light.

    An extreme-duty (18 gauge heat-treated black nitride plated steel) deep-carry pocket clip allows the light to ride comfortably out-of-sight yet ready accessible for immediate use. An unobtrusive rubber finger ring with safety break-away link allows full retention of the light when both hands are needed - the attachment (lanyard) loop can be “clocked and locked” in relation to the pocket clip. A sculpted body surface and Delrin grip ring ensures a no-slip grip on the light, ensuring precise control of light operation - even with wet hands. The pocket clip, lanyard loop and grip ring are securely captured and retained under the tailcap.

    Built tough-as-a-hammer, the core light (head, body, tailcap and switch) carries Malkoff’s lifetime warranty.


    • Partial press for momentary operation, deep press to latch constant on
    • Tighten bezel to body for full output, loosen quarter-turn for low output
    • Battery compartment accessible via tailcap or bezel

    Build Details


    Output: 750 lumens / 20,000 cd (5 lumens / 130 cd on low)
    AOL: 5.41 inches
    Bezel diam.: 1.215 inches
    Weight: 4.8 ounces (6.4 ounces with 18650 protected Li-ion cell)
    ANSI F1 run time: TBD (approximately 1.5 hours on a single 3500mAh 18650 Li-ion cell)
    Maximum bezel temperature: TBD
    Fuel: a single 18650 protected Li-ion cell or two (2) CR123A batteries

    Purchase Info

    This offer is closed, but the light can be DIY assembled using the Build Details links above.
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    Here is a variant of this light, optimized for use with the Rogers-Surefire technique;

    • AOL = 4-11/16" (4-7/8" with switch boot projection)
    • Weight = 7.6 ounces with 18650 cell
    • The tailcap is a LF twisty with copper plunger and tritium insert
    • Grip ring is locked solidly in place on the body for a solid syringe grip

    I use this as my nightstand light, the tritium insert makes it easy to find and the low output setting is perfect for dark settings without being blinded.

    The length balances nicely in a syringe grip, and the tailcap provides excellent control of momentary operation. It works quite well with the Rogers-Surefire technique!

    The pocket clip will not work with this version, but it carries nicely on the belt with a EDCLB HBC.

    Please contact me via PM if you are interested in this variant!
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