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Thread: Music Covers You Like Better Than The Original

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    I’ve been binging on various versions of Tim Buckley’s brilliant 1967 tune
    “Song To The Siren”. What an ear worm.

    Tim Buckley performing the original version on The Monkees tv show, 1968:

    The first cover version I heard was back in the mid 80s, by This Mortal Coil, a side project of The Cocteau Twins.
    It was a huge influence on every version since. Liz Fraser uses classical Scottish bagpipe ornamentation in her phrasing, which is brilliant.

    The late Sinead O’Connor did a really good rocking version about 10-12 years ago. She had quite a personal story with the tune and waited until all her kids moved out to record it.

    Robert Plant recorded it on one of his solo albums and performs it live to this day.
    Here he turns it into a classic Zeppelin-esque epic.

    A simple version by Faeroese singer Eivor Palsdottir; this one is a pretty close cover of Buckleys’ original

    Bryan Ferry, David Gray, Rose Betts, and George Michael have all done interesting covers, too.
    It’s just one of those great haunting melodies.
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    Johnny Cash has already been mentioned, on the same album as Hurt, his final song is "We'll meet again." The song is already a tearjerker, listening to him sing it as a final farewell to life is amazing. Caution, if you have lost someone recently, you may find yourself straight up ugly crying.

    Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great and different version of Stevie Wonder's classic

    Falling in Reverse just did a version of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" I like it. very different.

    But absolutely my favorite cover is the Cleverlys doing Milkshake. Although Gangnam Style is a close second. Who knew that those songs were bluegrass?

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    Shawn Colvin “Leaving Las Vegas”
    Samurai Guitarist "Game of Thrones Theme"
    Dead Kennedys “Leaving Las Vegas”
    Jimi Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”
    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes “Jolene”
    William Shatner “Rocket Man”
    William Shatner “Common People”
    Clash “Pressure Drop”
    Clash “I Fought The Law”
    Tom Petty “Feel A Whole Lot Better”
    David Lindley “Mercury Blues”

    Okie John
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    I prefer the the Beatles cover of "Twist and Shout" to the previous versions by The Top Notes and The Isley Brothers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    Dead Kennedys “Leaving Las Vegas”
    Clash “Pressure Drop”
    Clash “I Fought The Law”
    Excellent covers.
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    I prefer Amii Stewart's disco version of "Knock on Wood" over Eddie Floyd's original, which is good, but different.

    Amii Stewart's version

    Eddie Floyd

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    Devo's "Satisfaction"- took a song with one of the best-known riffs and rock- and didn't use it.

    The Who's "Summertime Blues" Live at Leeds cover.

    Pretty much anything by Joe Cocker.

    And the Jeff Beck Group's incredible "I Ain't Superstitious", with Rod Stewart on vocals.
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    I've been intrigued by "Am I the Same Girl" by Barbara Aklin. I like the Swing out Sister version better, but Young-Holt Unlimited did the same music, as an instrumental after Barbara Aklin released her version, and called it "Soulful Strut".

    Barbara Aklin

    Swing out Sister

    Young-Holt Unlimited

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