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Thread: 500/503 errors, site inaccessible due to slow loading

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangloss View Post
    I've been unable to get PF to load for about two days, so I'm very happy to be back right now!

    Although, I did get a lot of other stuff done.

    I’ll have to post up my backlog of memes later tonight.
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    Yeah. I was wondering if PF was getting tech support from the IT department at AT&T.

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    Pistol Forum takes weekends off! At least that's what it looks like.

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    P-F would not open for me 02/24 and 02/25. Came back this AM. Something about a server not responding with a timeout. All other websites seem to load in a flash and I'm not even high speed here. 21 Mbps doesn't even meet the governments definition of high speed internet.

    I called my internet provider and told them I was very unhappy. They offered me a reduction in my bill for 3 months. That's the best they would do. I declined. I think most people who can are moving to Starlink. The price is about the same for me with 2-10x the speed.

    I'm not sure a higher speed would resolve the issues here though. Seems the servers that P-F uses might be the problem, or possibly Russian/Iranian/N. Korean cyber attacks.

    Anyway, we're back for awhile.
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    A full 24 hours down according to the "is it down" or something website.

    I've got the shakes.

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    Same here, down for 1+ days. Seems ok now though. I hope things keep working; more episodes like this and I’d be pretty discouraged about using the site.

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    Site was down Sat, Sun and most of this morning for me.

    Miss me?
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    Site was down for me Saturday, Sunday, and until noon today.

    Multiple browsers, multiple devices.

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    for a minute I thought PF got raided by the alphabet people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hufnagel View Post
    for a minute I thought PF got raided by the alphabet people.
    Nope. Numeric People. The “504 Squad”.
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