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Thread: When I lose a knife, I LOSE it - replacement advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    If you like Kershaw's stuff, prefer US production, and want to save a few bucks, you might want to check out Kershawguy's seconds page. My Leek is from that site and I can't find why it's a second. It's the nicest folder I've had.
    The knife in the OP is cheaper on Amazon than 2nds...

    This one is interesting.. Belt cutter and glassbreaker... Clip is where I prefer but only one choice..
    Just a few bucks more new on Amazon:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    But Hulk Smash is so much more fun!

    That Benchmade Triage I linked above has a flip-out belt-cutter tool...
    It ought to come with a flip out microbrew pub for that kind of money.
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