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Thread: Practical Competition Shooting League (2023)

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    Practical Competition Shooting League (2023)

    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Honestly thatís been the main reason Iíve stayed away from PCSL.

    Itís a different programming from what Iím used to and itís not necessarily based off what would actually happen so it winds up being a particular game specific method for me.

    It would take a lot for me to switch. Regardless of leadership, I still really like the USPSA and IDPA products (and people).

    I identify more with USPSA and IDPA than 3 gunners in general.
    Same. I shot 3Gun/Multigun fairly seriously for a couple years, but got sick of how much shotgun loading, and how long your tube is, affected the score. But I could have put up with that if it weren't for the TacBros playing loud music from boom boxes or trucks at each stage. One time it was so bad that I had to ask them to turn it off while I was shooting because I couldn't hear the RO. And... got a dirty look for my trouble.

    Actually, I could have put up with the shotgun stupidity, and the TacBros. What really turned me off was time plus scoring with any 2 hits on paper. It encouraged bad shooting. Sure, rifle plates and knock-down steel require skill. But squirting bullets at a full size IPSC at 5yds was just too lame for me.

    I'd like to try PCSL because of the 2-gun aspect, and hit factor scoring. The targets look good. The rules look good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post

    I'd like to try PCSL because of the 2-gun aspect, and hit factor scoring. The targets look good. The rules look good.
    I agree, a quick perusal of the PCSL rulebook suggests to me that Max L. did a pretty good job of establishing a ruleset. From a match officiating standpoint, having a written ruleset is paramount. Not having one leaves it way too open for issues and arguments that donít do anything but generate bad feelings between competitors and staff. So I commend Max for taking the effort.

    Iíve also heard his 2-gun matches in SGU are worth the trip.

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    I kind of like the K zone just because you could use it to manipulate round count on a stage. I think I'd still just be shooting 2 most of the time.

    Not sure about-

    "If falling steel no-shoot is impacted but does not fall, no penalty is assigned."

    I don't see a lot of no-shoot steel anyway outside a few classifiers, but it seems like you'd have to calibrate no shoot steel which seems like a hassle.

    Not sure I understand -
    "Falling steel and frangible no-shoots must fall or be broken by gunfire in order to score. If another target or prop knocks them over or breaks them rather than a projectile fired by a competitor, they will not earn any penalty."

    I didn't see any range equipment failure rules, so do I get a score or not when the wind blows over a popper? I see I don't get penalized, am I just out 5 points?

    I didn't see a required power factor anywhere, or a popper calibration. What if I show up to a match and my ammo just doesn't knock down steel?

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    It hadn't dawned on me about the "K-zone" concept, whereby you can neutralize the target (i.e. get 10 points) with one shot. Not being that familiar with the K-zone target, I decided to use the rulebook and sketch one out in my drawing tool to see how hard it would be to shoot. I appreciate this is normally all cardboard, and what I have is a brown blob on a white background, but it's just a mockup. Going to give this a try at my next range session.

    Still looking for local options in my area (Central FL) for PCSL matches, but not actively. We are about a month away from closing on our new place in Ocala but after that I'll be seeing what options I have in driving distance.

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