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Thread: LTT 92 Decocker roll pin help

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    LTT 92 Decocker roll pin help

    I noticed the gun getting stuck on safe while my son was shooting. Thatís not right, itís a decock only!! Iíve never fiddled w/ a Beretta. I can detail strip a 1911, and have installed an HK LEM trigger.

    Any advice before trying to fix this? Any advice to prevent it from happening in the future, after market pins, etc? The gun might have 3,000 rounds through it.

    Appreciate the help!
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    About that pin walk...

    I had this problem wIth one of my 92s when it was new. It's because the roll pin needs to be flared out more.

    You can push it back with a pair of pliers, but protect your finish with cardboard or something. You can add a drop of locktite, or try to peen the end a bit. Either one should prevent that from walking. I love the my LTT but this is an issue of QC I think. The decock kits come from Beretta, but this happens.

    Mine hasnt walked since I dropped a dab of locktite.

    Sticking on safe is probably from using a cleaner that gets gummy under the safety. Someone smarter than me will be along to clarifiy I'm sure.
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    I suggest calling Beretta. They will very likely send new plungers, springs, and roll pins. The purist uses the correct type of pin punch when driving roll pins. I think the right hand safety causes more issues with this mechanism. The Wilson modification does not offer the right hand lever(unless they recently started doing so). I think that the right lever must be turned to wind the spring before inserting the roll pin. It's been a long time since I played with these. Lube sparingly.

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    YouTube is my friend. Very simple fix. Ensure both levers are facing forward, tap the pin back into place. I sure am glad the whole lever system didnít come fully apart (donít think it would have w/ one loose pin) - lots of steps to reinstall.

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