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Thread: Lee Hand Press life expectency

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    I hear you, but I hate lubing cases.

    Thatís why God invented carbide sizing dies.

    I picked up a Lee App press and am a happy camper.
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    Did anyone mention calling Lee? 🤣

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Did anyone mention calling Lee? 🤣

    Itís been a while since I contacted them, but when I have, parts have been sent ASAP and usually free of charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmfnla View Post
    I hear you, but I hate lubing cases.
    Sure. Me too. If I was going straight from the tumbler to the loading bench I wouldn't bother. But since I'm washing these prior to loading it isn't a big deal.

    I use homemade lube. I mix rubbing alcohol and lanolin in a squirter bottle. I toss a few handfuls of brass into a zip lock bag and squirt in a few shots of lube. I then shake the bag a few times and repeat until the lube is evenly distributed. It is really not much of a hassle.

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