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Thread: JM CK "Road Dog" Holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thy.Will.Be.Done View Post
    Who would seriously were an empty holster all day?
    My recollection is the Yaqui Slide concept was created back when places like Arizona were legal for open carry, but not for concealed carry, so more of a constantly on and off scenario than wearing it empty all day.

    I don't love the concept, but might buy one for the Shield Plus I just bought, it will probably hardly peek out the bottom of the Road Dog. I am thinking it might be a good combo for long road trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    Galco open bottom Matrix for ages (no long made and it had snaps which I found really convenient).
    Yes that is a great holster. I used one for years with my Gen 3 G19. I could get 1.5 second head shots from closed front concealment at 5 yards. The snap system was very convenient and easy. Dunno why they discontinued it.

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    Yeah, I have one for my 1911 also. The easy on and off was great. Threading through belt loops - yuck. So I could snap on the gun and mag pouch when I changed pants. Never had any problems with it.
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