The proprietor of @runcible, (Runcible Works) and I have been working at this for way too long, likely as long as the Shivworks Push Dagger has been out, and for sure before the El Nino variant was out. Given that he's got a busy job, and I'm an engineer which means we never release products, it's taken us quite a while to get it moving. Finally dropped though, and we're running full steam ahead on the line.

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The gist of the Advanced Practitioners Sheath is a sheath that gets the same treatment as a holster does with a means to manipulate the handle and sheath end as needed to aid in concealment. We converged on designs almost perfectly as we were both working on our own production models and decided to make it a joint effort.

The release kit includes the RCS 1.5" clip, Light Wing, and all the hardware needed to configure to your liking, as well as adjustable retention hardware.