This class teaches the mechanical and mental skills of defensive pistol use and focuses on accountability. Accountability for where every bullet impacts, accountability of muzzle direction at all times, accountability for decisions made under extreme stress in real time.
This course is coaching intensive, you will receive individual attention and tailored coaching to maximize your performance.
This is not an entry level class. You must be able to hit a 3x5 card at 7 yards on demand
Gear Required:

  • Note taking material
  • Suitable Handgun (.380 cal or greater)
  • Suitable Holster (No Serpa)
  • Minimum 3 magazines (more is better)
  • Eye and Ear Protection (filtered/powered ear pro required)
  • Brimmed hat (baseball cap)
  • 500 rounds of factory FMJ ammo unless required to use issued duty ammunition (more is better)
  • Bring a food for a working lunch