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Thread: New in Package - Rogue American Apparel Shorts

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    New in Package - Rogue American Apparel Shorts

    I ordered a pair of these shorts. I really like them but they sent me two pair and when I asked they didn't want me to send the shorts back. In fact they suggested that I give them away, so I am. I will let this go for a week or two and do a random post pick. These are in size large.
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    Thumbs up

    Ill throw my hat in the ring. Thank you

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    Sign me up, tks.
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    In. Thanks!
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    Im in.

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    Appreciated. I'm in please

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    Showed these to Wife.
    Wife said I'd look hot in those.


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    Me too. I need to style a while.

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    Don't add me to the list, just here to post snarky RD quotes.

    Al Czervik: Oh, these are the worst-looking shorts I ever saw. What, when you buy shorts like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? (Looks at Judge Elihu Smails, whos wearing the same shorts)

    Al Czervik: Oh, they look good on you though.

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    But seriously, good job sharing the karma.

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    In please and thank you. My wife needs a good laugh in case I win. Missed the good ol days of silkies in the Corps.

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