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Thread: Where To Aim

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    Some of the answers may depend on the individual's demeanor under pressure, as well as their skill at arms.

    Some people may be A- Class or Grandmaster level USPSA type shooters, but if they have not been in a deadly force confrontation before, or get jacked up easily, they may not want to try for a difficult shot. Conversely, there may be guys who have been shot at a few times, had guns pointed at them numerous times in their career, and/or don't get rattled, that can put a shot right where it needs to go between the BG's eyes. Only that person can know that.

    I knew a state police SWAT guy that eventually made SGT. He was "Mr. SWAT" went to tons of classes, and was the typical super tactical macho guy. My partner and I were out dealing with a lady that we had had a small car chase with one day. I can't remember the exact details, as its been years ago. But anyways, she had a gun, standing outside her car, was suicidal. We were talking her down. Going slow. The usual stuff. Mr. SWAT comes up fast. siren the whole works. Jumps out, pointing a gun. Starts screaming. Was screaming at the lady to drop the gun, and other things that nobody could understand. The lady was looking at my partner and I. We were all looking at each other and him. Nobody could understand him, but he was being a spaz. That was how he was in reality. But the admin thought he was a cool as ice operator. Eventually the gal just gave up and she got help, and Mr. Swat went away. He wrote it up that it was a "save" for him though..

    Later as he was recounting his version of him being the hero in the office in front of the LT, talking about the suicidal lady with the gun, I asked him (since he was pointing a gun at her for a while) how many times he was going to shoot her, to save her. That went over well.

    Back to the OP's issue. Personally know where I would aim, but I cannot speak for others. Just getting rounds high center mass is likely going to an immediate effect on the BG, and his ability to aim/hold a weapon. if you are able to get a CNS shot from there, go for it.

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    I'd probably shoot the gun out of his hand,
    but truthfully I was just trying to hit center mass before he did the same and his gun got in my way.

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