Durham Pistol and Rifle Club will be hosting Mr. Steve McDaniel of Alaska Tactical and Security from Sept.30-Oct.8, 2023. Steve is an excellent firearms and tactics trainer and makes this trip to NC as a way to honor the late Louis Awerbuck, who for many years conducted courses at DPRC and who was a mentor to Steve. Besides working as an instructor for Louis at Yavapai Firearms Academy, Steve has also worked as an adjunct instructor at Gunsite Academy and Thunder Ranch. Don't miss this opportunity to get some high quality instruction here in central NC!

All registration and fee collection will be done via the Alaska Tactical Security website: https://alaskatactical.com/schedule/

To register on the Alaska Tactical and Security website use the drop down tab “ Schedule” and then go to Page 3 (https://alaskatactical.com/schedule/page/3/) to find the course you are interested in NC. You can register at the links on that page.

Here is the schedule and description, and a course description and equipment list can also be found at the Alaska Tactical website.

Note he will also be conducting three pistol classes that will be posted separately in the appropriate section.

October 5, Carbine Refresh

October 7/8 Carbine Strategies and Tactics


October 5, Carbine Refresh

This 1-day carbine course will introduce the participant to the fundamentals of defense and marksmanship with a semi-auto carbine, caliber 5.56 (.223 Remington) effective from the handgun distance, out to approximately 100 yards. The participant will learn the following: marksmanship and safety issues; how to zero their weapon; instruction on malfunction clearances; various firing positions; and use of cover and barricades. Instruction will also be provided on multiple threat and no-shoot situations.

Carbine with a sling, iron sights or optics.
Knee and elbow pads are recommended but not required.
500 rounds of ammo.
At least 4 magazines and a carrier.
Eye and ear pro.
Lots of water and brown bag lunch.

Cost: $325.00

October 7/8 Carbine Strategies and Tactics

This is a 2-day shooting course on the carbine that we take a step farther than just an introductory course. If you have had a comprehensive carbine class in the not-so-distant past, this course may be right in your lane.
This will be a medium demanding course as far as movement and some cardio, we will incorporate quite a few movement shooting drills under stress and a timer, we will also exercise the use and definition of concealment and cover, home defense weapons manipulation, tactics and movement, safe rooms, movement with another person working in teams, verbal communication, basic tactics of room clearing alone and with a partner. Shooting while moving, close quarters shooting, multiple adversary engagement and transitions to your secondary weapon (pistol)
Proper manipulation of malfunctions and magazines exchanges and just overall efficiency of operation the weapon.
5.56, .300 BLK, 7.62x39 carbine, pistol or SBR with a sling, preferably a red dot type optic, variable optic starting at 1- power, ACOG etc.
4-6 magazines and magazine carrier.
800-1000 rounds of rifle ammo. A medium to full size duty type pistol, 3 pistol magazines, pistol magazine pouch, strong side OWB pistol holster and 200 rounds of pistol ammo. Please come with a zeroed carbine and pistol if you’re using a red dot pistol optic.
Proper clothing.
Lots of water
Brown Bag Lunch.
Cost $525.00, $10.00 Range Fee