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Thread: Welcome to the Sub-Forum!

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    Welcome to the Sub-Forum!

    Sub-Forum Purpose
    The purpose of this sub-forum is to support the memorial website for Pat Rogers. A few years ago, a number of PF members raised the importance of aggregating the knowledge and contributions of Pat to the firearms and defense industry.
    Fast forward a few years, and a number of us decided it needed to be its own website that can grow and help preserve Pat's legacy.

    Our goal with this sub-forum is to give you all a voice and a say in the direction of the memorial website. Bottom line, it can only get better the more of you that contribute your ideas, stories, pictures, and other things.

    Website Purpose
    The goal of the website is to become the most complete reference of information about Pat that you can find. For this reason, it's important that we get insight and feedback from YOU so we don't miss a thing.
    We care deeply about the accuracy and integrity of these lists. If you see an issue, contact us at the email on the website. No issue is too small! The core elements of this website are:

    To be clear, this is a not-for-profit website with a sole focus on aggregating details about Pat. Feel free to read our disclaimer for a bit more context on this. The site will never contain ads, donation requests, or anything of the sort.

    To be entirely transparent, the website did not cost me a penny to build, merely some of my time. It currently costs zero to host it as it's a static website, which can be hosted just about anywhere. In the future, if the site was receiving say 100K to 1M+ visitors per month (highly doubtful it would ever be anywhere close to that high), maybe it might cost me $5-10/mth at most. Bottom line, money is not a factor I want anyone to worry about or be concerned about the potential for unethical behavior in the future.

    Have ideas for improvements we can make? We'd love to hear them!

    Huge thanks go out to all of our contributors who have helped get this idea off the ground! As of the time of the website launch, this includes Bruce Cartwright, Darryl Bolke, Wayne Dobbs, Ken Campbell, Joe Curnarski, Joe's late wife Deborah, Bob Martin, David Barnes, Ed Lawrence, Mike Gilster, "Tensaw", and others.

    Do you have stories, pictures, or videos about Pat you'd like to share? We would appreciate it very much!
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