As a career Soldier, I'll never deny that a Marine might have been less than tactful, or have otherwise made a brazen and reckless decision with words or actions.

But here's some fundamental truths of what happened, based on the objective evidence available.

-The Marines made a reasonable request. How much tact was used is obviously unknown and very debatable. Granted.
-The Marines didn't start the fisticuffs
-Anyone that goes physical over words alone or 'disrespect' with a 40-3 advantage in numbers, and continues to kick & stomp any of those 3 when they're lying on the ground in the fetal position and full defensive, is someone that deserves to get pushed down an elevator shaft onto some bullets.
Being Cali I've no doubt whoever did the shooting would be in jail for murder regardless of all the other circumstances or expert witnesses talking about bootstomp-induced TBI's, life altering injuries, or death.

But having been in a more than a few rumbles and fistfights, anyone who continues to kick or stomp on someone that is down and 100% defensive is among the lowest of honorless scum.