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Thread: June Rangemaster Newsletter

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    June Rangemaster Newsletter

    I decided to go ahead and post the June newsletter. I thought more of you might be able to shoot the Drill of the Month over the long weekend.

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    Thank you Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awp_101 View Post
    The Professionals! A classic!
    ďBut you sir are a self made manĒ

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    Shooting drills distances and order question

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Givens View Post
    I decided to go ahead and post the June newsletter. I thought more of you might be able to shoot the Drill of the Month over the long weekend.

    First, my thanks to Tom Givens for posting. I look forward to following the link monthly. I try to shoot most of what he publishes, and appreciate all the other content.
    I saw the Super Test-have shot it before-and plan to run it again, it is all good stuff. I am curious to read others opinions on order of distance, or in the case of a single distance CoF, like the 5 yard Roundup. Does anyone ever switch the order up? Examples:
    1. With the Super Test, the first distance is at 5 yards. Is there any issue with starting at the 15 yard distance and moving in(or moving target closer so one ends up at 5)? My logic, such as it is, is Iíd rather finish at the closer distance as it seems more ďpracticalĒ
    2. Thinking somewhat similar on the Roundup; the last shot, a single from the holster, seems like it would be the most common ďon demandĒ task in an emergency, so why not have that as the last rep sometime?
    Comments, anyone?

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    288 pts with a J frame

    First time shooting this gun.
    First time shooting this ammo.
    I donít practice with J frames because ouchy.
    My DASA gamer Shadow 2 is really robust training for revolvers as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    As far as practicing with competition rigs making you better such that you don't need much practice on J frames - well, opinions vary. I guess all those J frame classes are waste of time from our SMEs.
    Itís not an opinion. In my case at my level of shooting, thatís the reality.

    Most people arenít going to put in the work to get to this level.

    But it takes less time than most people spend watching TV, IMO.

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    @Tom Givens Iím happy to talk about the how and why this is possible any time. Itís not realistic for most people but itís an interesting exercise in mechanics and learning theory.

    @John Hearne

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