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Thread: Cognitivre Conclave 4/29-30/23

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    Cognitivre Conclave 4/29-30/23

    Some of the ARRs pushed out on last weekend's Cognitive Conclave ...

    "It has been quite some time since I have attended a pistol class. Iím not a GM or anything, but I have a decent level of skill with a pistol, and handgun classes just havenít been a training priority for me over the past few years. This year I ran across the Cognitive Conclave, a pistol class offering something different and I had to do it. This is a detailed, after-action review of that class."

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    Great review. That guy writes a very good blog Iíd almost forgotten about.

    I hope to see another one of these courses somewhere reasonably close to me

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    It was a very good course. Encouraged me to look at the realities of a shooting problem in public spaces.

    Well worth the money and time.

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    That is an excellent write-up of the course.

    I can't really add much to that, but I agree it was definitely worth the time and cost. A bargain really, for three very good instructors.

    Much of it was based on adding a cognitive load through problem solving while performing the mechanics of shooting. In several scenarios students were allowed to make their own decisions about how to solve a given problem. The technical shooting part was necessary but just the beginning -- a foundation on top of which the real meat of the class was layered.

    Highly recommend.

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    One observation that I donít think made it into my forthcoming AAR (which is nowhere near as well done as Justinís):

    As cognitive load increased, so too did the value of technical shooting skill. Itís been postulated elsewhere on this forum that the value of a high degree of technical skill is that it allows you to spend more time worrying about the problem. Particularly with Hearneís block with the lights, I found that to be true.

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