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Thread: Instructions for becoming a site supporter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Yes, PayPal begrudgingly fixed it a week after I made the slight changes in wording they requested and explained that I am NOT the Lord of War, selling ghost guns online via PF.

    Thank you for being patient and thank you for your support. @UNK
    Worked fine ty
    uneducated and low information
    I'll wager you a PF dollarô 😎
    He needed a healthy dose of bonded bullets. LSP552

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    My PayPal account was charged $25 in August, but Iím not listed as a site supporter any longer. Is it because the fee has increased to $30, and if so, how do I pay the extra $5? TIAName:  CF7FBFB1-7E90-42B3-9BD3-1E2A2F09F05B.jpg
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    @FrankB don't worry about the $5, you should be fine now.

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    I woke up one day to see that I am a site supporter. I thought it was a gift but now think it is a clerical error. Anyway, I am glad that I am a supporter. I think I owe money because I may be a free loader. I must figure out a way to pay. I do not use PayPal. It's funny how things work. Yesterday I woke up to learn that I have a sister I never met.

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