The objective of this course is to cover the topic of home defense and the information most relevant to the use of the shotgun as a tool of home defense, including:

  • Selection/configuration of the defensive shotgun
  • Proper ammunition selection
  • Reliable loading and operation of the shotgun
  • Shooting technique and recoil management
  • Patterning
  • The home defense context
  • Typical threats in and around the home
  • Police/citizen interaction

By the end of the course, students will demonstrate competence in the handling, loading, and rapid, accurate use of the shotgun at common home defense distances.

This class is a great option for beginners on the defensive shotgun or to folks who are new to firearms in general. You don't even need a shotgun to attend...I can set you up with a loaner.

Equipment requirements -

Ideally, a shotgun. If you do not have a shotgun set up for home defense to train with, let me know and we can arrange for a loaner you can use during class.
Some method of carrying at least 25 shells on your person. (Cargo pants or fanny packs work well)
A brimmed cap
Ballistic-rated eye protection
Hearing protection (electronic preferred)

Ammunition -

100-150 rounds of LEAD birdshot NO STEEL SHOT! Buckshot is encouraged (25-50 rounds with at least 10 you would want to consider using for defense in the home) so you have some experience patterning your chosen load in your gun, but in this ammo climate if you can't get any buckshot we can accomplish just about all we need to with birdshot alone.