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Thread: Eye protection advice

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    For striking you can get boxing headgear with a nose bar or even a cage....its kind of cheating but your sparring partners at the gym will understand if you explain the eye doctor bit. Likewise a High Gear helmet might work if your sparring partners are cool with it.

    Grappling eye pro...never, ever seen anyone use it, cant help you there

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post

    The problem is I don't find many eyepro that can fit over my glasses, and these are one of the few that do (just barely.)
    For any other eye glasses wearers, I received another option today from the Amazon Gods; $11.99

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    Fit is excellent, these are larger by perhaps 10% of my Elvex. Kind of a Glock 17 where the Elvex are Glock 19. The blue stripe is hard plastic (I was thinking it'd be rubber, but no). Despite that the ear pieces are ok, straight; they are meant to be bent to shape which I will get around to.

    They cup my glasses very well; I was having some issues lately since I got new frames and lenses a couple months ago, and the set I picked was a bit larger than last year's pair. They are ANSI Z81+ and EN 166/170 rated, at least according to the manufacturer. The remind me of the ones my Dental Hygienist wears, to be honest. The plastic is clear and features fixed wrap around panels. Eye and temple coverage is excellent. Because they are large and clear, the outward view is very good, with minimal distortion through the plastic.

    A brief test fit with my Sordin Supreme Pro X ear pro went well, no issues with the Noisefighter gel cups fitting over both sets of earpieces. And they come with a convenient storage bag. So far so good.

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