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Thread: 360 Performance Shooting: Red Pill Pistol - 6/3/23, Miamisburg, OH

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    360 Performance Shooting: Red Pill Pistol - 6/3/23, Miamisburg, OH

    360 Performance Shooting will be presenting an expanded full-day Red Pill Pistol program based on our popular and highly-reviewed presentations at the 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Tactical Conference.

    In RPP, we explore a decidedly different way of thinking about what you are doing with your pistol to achieve a higher level of performance. From exploring a different way to use your sights (described a bit here: to rethinking your grip, trigger control, and your presentation from the holster...RPP puts you in a laboratory where you can experiment with new approaches to find that next level of performance.

    Class size is kept deliberately small so that shooters can receive individualized coaching based on their equipment, physiology, and current skill levels. Real coaching is a core feature of 360 Performance Shooting coursework...and according to clients and even an authority like Tom Givens, we're pretty good at it.

    If you can draw safely and hit a 3x5 card at 7 yards on demand in slowfire, you have enough skill to benefit tremendously from this class. This material is designed to accomplish the same end goal that Todd Green's AFHF classes used to achieve for shooters who had hit a plateau and wanted to break through. We don't do it the same way Todd did, but we like to think he'd approve.

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    The Lucky Gunner video was the tipping point for me, so I just registered. Looking forward to it.

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