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Thread: 65-3 Combat UC from Pachmayr's - Found a nice one!

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    65-3 Combat UC from Pachmayr's - Found a nice one!

    I picked up a really nice one and can't wait to shoot it. It is a 65-3 Combat UC package by Pachmayr's gunsmiths. It is DAO, hammer removed, trigger guard slightly relieved, cylinders slightly chamfered, and an incredible trigger job. I won't be able to shoot it for a couple of weeks and that is killing me. It will give me some time to load up more ammo however.

    Here are some pictures:

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    Thst is nice! I imagine they’re rather rare.
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    That is excellent! I’ve heard of the Pachmayr guns back in the day, but I’ve never seen one!

    I’m envious.
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    That’s really neat. I didn’t know the Pachmayr folks customized revolvers too. I’d only seen the 1911s. I bet it shoots well.
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    Oh man, nice pickup! Can’t wait to see your range report! Congratulations! 🙂

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    That is super hawt. Mad jelly over here.
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    Not much causes me to salivate these days...but that sure as hell does. Awesome!
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    I’m not leering, this is a look of frank admiration.
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    Wow. Just Wow!

    Congrats! Looking forward to a range report.

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    I have a Pachmayr automatic, but I haven't seen a Pachmayr revolver before now.
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