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Thread: Irish stick fighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpDok View Post
    Blackthorn shillelaghs look pretty cool. Seems like a good choice especially in an oppressive state full of restrictions and gun-free zones. You would need to be a seriously pointy-headed tyrant to deprive a citizen of their wooden walking stick.

    I did a little internet research and there's a big difference between the cheap knock-off shillelaghs sold for the tourists, and the seriously authentic shillelaghs made by craftsmen in Ireland from "real McCoy" materials, tools, time & knowhow.

    Thanks to the OP for the thread!
    On a related point, you should check out the difference in price between a walking stick and a FIGHTING walking stick. :-)

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    The thread title caused me to immediately think of "Knute Rockne All-American" where Pat O'Brien as Knute Rockne has the following exchange
    Committee Member : Mr. Rockne, couldn't football be replaced by some other game? Something less violent?
    Knute Rockne : Well, what game would you suggest?
    Committee Member : Well, hockey, for instance.
    [This answer is greeted by raucous laughter in the committee room]
    Knute Rockne : Why, as a matter of fact, I suggested that very idea to Father Callahan, our president. He was downright interested until we came to the use of sticks, and then he threw up his hands. He said, "No... , that game is not for our university. Notre Dame will never endorse any game that puts a club in the hands of an Irishman."

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    Another rabbit hole to go down.

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    Totally inappropriate and stereotypical, but honestly the first thing I thought about reading the thread title was two drunk guys fighting with sticks.

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