Disclosure...I'm not making any $$$ off of this class. I'm posting it to help make sure the class gets enough people to happen since it is local to me and I want to go.

LINK TO REGISTER- https://www.andersonshooting.com/ser...gxlRkxyf6Wzlbw

Coming up on APRIL 1-2 (and this is NO JOKE!) Steve Anderson will be at THE RIDGE in Dayton TN offering 2 days of shooting and learning, to get you in the best shape for your TN State match!

Steve Anderson is a USPSA Grand Master and teaches competition pistol shooting full time.

He is the author of three books about competition pistol shooting and does a podcast, “That Shooting Show” which is heard daily all around the world.

Steve got an appreciation for the Mental Game early in his competition career and now devotes himself to helping others avoid years of struggle as they learn to shoot and compete.

As a Mental Management certified instructor, Steve has a unique ability to make a direct connection between Mental Management and all forms of handgun competition, particularly USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge.

IDPA is a sport that greatly rewards a singular focus, and we'll help you understand and implement that, along with some easy ways to shave some time while still shooting lots and lots of Zeroes!
But even if you are not shooting THAT particular match it will help with ANY shooting endeavor. Steve is probably best known for his work on the mental aspects of shooting so don't miss out on this one.

Get Ready For the TN State IDPA Match !!!!
Learn how to get your true potential under pressure on demand!
We’ll cover:
Stage Planning
Stage Prep
How to handle Major Match Nerves
Shot Calling: The Answer to Speed vs. Accuracy
Movement: Short and Long Periods of Movement
Shooting While Moving
How To Dry Fire Properly
What To Do After A Mistake So The Wheels Don’t Fall Off!
Follow the link below to register or ask any questions concerning the class

Steve Anderson
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TN IDPA State Match Prep April 1 and 2! | Anderson Shooting