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Thread: Well, here goes -- Trying USPSA and first match musings

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogcaller View Post
    Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated

    As I evaluate my shooting and performance, listen to podcasts, etc., it really seems to me that I need to improve my grip and general accuracy at distance. I think my grip is contributing to too many close A/C's that should be A/A's. I'm working on the shooting sooner, rather than faster, and I see the utility of that, but that also results in me taking longer shots--and these lead to C's and D's.

    I definitely need to do more dry practice, and I have ordered the Stoeger dryfire targets/book kit.

    I'm not sure how to dry practice for accuracy at distance, but I'll try to find that. I seem to be interpreting the messages I'm getting as: "You can shoot faster (at distance) than you realize, so do it!" and also, "Shoot slow enough to guarantee the hits." I realize that both of these things can be true, but I don't think I have the skill (yet) to fully understand or incorporate these seemingly contradictory messages. Also, I'm not sure what to do about my grip. There are many different practices, by successful and respected shooters. I think I need someone to watch me and show me.
    Some general thoughts from the bottom up:

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    1. Looks like your support thumb isn't on the frame up high... maybe down by the trigger guard? You won't get good recoil control that way.

    Typically the better shooters pinch and support the frame as high up on the frame by the rails as possible. Both hands.

    2. In dry fire, you try and wobble the front sight as LITTLE as possible. That's how you practice mechanics THAT WILL HOLD UP as accuracy at distance.

    3. If you're already shooting charlies and deltas, you probably DON'T need to shoot faster. Because you CAN'T go faster from a shooting standpoint. Later on when your mechanics improve you'll need to shoot faster to do well. But you can't do it if your mechanics don't support it. So work on your mechanics first.

    4. I would separate your assessment and work into shooting mechanics (including draws, transitions, trigger control, recoil management and reloads) versus movement.

    @Clusterfrack made a comment previously that a certain subset of competitors move like predators... and a different subset of competitors move like prey....

    There's a certain aggression, efficiency and purpose that is required for high level performance, but that's separate from the shooting ability and should be worked on and judged separately as such.

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    A couple of thoughts from a guy who may be about 1/4 step ahead of you. On recoil control I find I really like the gas pedal they made of the takedown lever on my 92X Defensive. See it here;
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    I wasn't sure I would like it but when I dry fire my wife's 92 I find I really miss it. You need to check w/ uspsa if it would be legal to install on your gun. If so, it is easy to do.
    I have been trying real hard to do the; out of the holster up to my chest, join hands there, push out while aligning the sights, style draw. I have usually done somewhat of that but not the careful pushout part. The advantage I find is very apparent on the first DA shot because my trigger pull begins earlier but is not unsafe because my sights are very nearly on the target at about 50% arm extension. BTW the DA trigger pull should be at a steady speed through it's length. No attempt to do 3/4 pull, wait, then finish the pull. Langdon has a series of 3 videos called 'Fear not the DA Shot'. They may be 10yrs old now but still valuable.

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    I am getting into USPSA in Northern Colorado as well. Hit me up if you end up shooting any matches this year and we can try to squad up.

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