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Thread: EDC Fixed Blades: What and how do you carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guerrero View Post
    That should cause an internet singularity or something.
    It’s certainly caused some confusion on my end!

    Being told to so something more than once means I have to regardless of whether or not it’s in the budget right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guerrero View Post
    That should cause an internet singularity or something.
    Or, at least the purchase of a DE CP.

    Which will, by extension, cause a hurricane in Gnarabup, Australia (halfway around the world from Jackson, MS…)
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    Spartan Blades Alala in one of my Foreman's pocket scabbards, with an EDCLB 18650 Bodyguard.

    The "Foreman's Pocket Scabbard" are sheaths that I make designed to carry larger fixed blades in the front-right zippered pocket of Duluth Foreman's Pants (thus the name). At eight inches overall length, this rig disappears in the pocket.

    The Spartan Blades Alala is made by Ka-Bar: the 1095 CV steel, black epoxy finish and rough factory edge finish give that way immediately. The rough edge cleans up to a mirror finish with some time on a Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener. The 3-3/4" blade has an edge angle of 25 degrees on the 0.195" thick blank, so in a sense it's a "pry bar with a sharp edge." If it has to be used as such in an emergency, it should do the job.

    I consider this a nice addition to my selection of EDC tools, and since it's so easy to carry it will likely remain as my first choice.
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