When I could not locate one of these springs, I asked the membership here if anyone had one. HeavyDuty had one which he had gotten from Sig_Fiend to try out. Long story still pretty long, I got the spring with the understanding that I would send one back to Sig_Fiend when they came back in stock. They finally came back in stock and I received the replacement yesferday. However, Sig_Fiend has changed his story and now wants me to offer it up to anyone wishing to try the Medium TRS. I think the slightly heavier pull will help with the V1 "wall" problem and suggest you try it if you haven't yet. Hats off to Sig_Fiend for his generousity and to HeavyDuty for coordinating the deal. PM me if you're a P30 shooter who wants to try the Medium. If you're already on board, please let the unwashed have the chance.😁