The E2S 18350 Shogun model is now available again. The Shogun uses the MalkoffE2 Super/Scout M600 2CR123 High Output head. Malkoff rates this head at 850 lumens and 12,000 candela (my own measurement is around 10k candela).

The E2S 18350 Shogun can be thought of as the BGV2 18350 Bodyguard model without the step-down. The 850-lumen beam is a useful blend of spot (10,200 candela) and a wide, bright spill. Like the Bodyguard model, the beam features a smooth transition from center to edge with no readily-discernable rings or artifacts. In use, the Shogun and Bodyguard must be compared side-by-side to see the slightly increased output of the Bodyguard model on high.

I used the Bodyguard model while attending the Sig Low Light Operator course (see my observations on the flashlights used here). On some of the longer strings of fire, the step-down after eight seconds was not optimum. In that scenario, I would have preferred constant output and think the E2S head would have been preferable.

Below is my Shogun set up as per my preference: with the lanyard and grip ring kit option. The GITD green grip ring makes finding the light on my night stand very easy.