In partnership with 360 Performance Shooting, I will be presenting Shotgun Skills on April 15 in Culpeper, Va.

Shotgun Skills builds upon the fundamentals taught in Home Defense Shotgun. The basics will be reinforced, but students will be pushed to improve speed and accuracy with the shotgun on single targets, challenging multiple target arrays, and in competitive timed shooting.

If time permits, other topics may include:

  • Techniques for use of the shotgun in close quarters
  • Application and use of slugs
  • Engaging moving targets at realistic defensive distances

Required: Minimum round count: 125 birdshot, 50 buckshot (at least 10 rounds of buckshot you would use for defense), 25 slugs (NO STEEL SHOT ALLOWED!)Note: With the current ammunition situation it may be difficult to locate buckshot. If you cannot get your hands on buckshot or slugs for practice and patterning, that's OK...we'll work around it in class.