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Thread: QD suppressor mount question

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    QD suppressor mount question

    I've searched extensively and can't find a definitive answer to this. I have a SiCo Hybrid 46 that I swap between long guns with ASR flash hiders. I just bought an LWRC with a pinned and welded AAC 51t FH. The AAC STAMP mount has the standard 1.375-24, which I gather actually originated with the Hybrid, so can I just get an AAC STAMP and replace the Bravo ASR in my can for use on the LWRC? I know logistically it makes more sense to just replace the FH with an ASR, but it's close to a wash money-wise and less of a pain in the ass to leave the existing FH in place, if just swapping mounts is a possibility. It's hard for me to actually concoct a realistic scenario where I'd have to rapidly swap the can from one rifle to another and having the different FH would get me kilt in da streets.

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    I don't know about the specific things you mentioned other than the 51T. Personally I wouldn't touch anything 51T with a ten foot pole.

    That design in general is known to cause long term problems. Almost everyone that I know that had cans for that mounting system sent their suppressors to Ecco Machine to have the mount replaced with something better.

    Edit: You do have the option to buy a Griffin Plan A adapter so you can switch to a taper mount system.

    Most muzzle devices that are welded are fairly easy to get off. Most of the time (but not always) there is hole drilled through one side of the threaded portion of the mount. One installed (like any other muzzle device) they put a little drill bit into that hole and extend the hole partially through the barrel, then insert a small rod that prevents the device from being turned and then just tack it into place.

    Taking it off might not be as big of a problem, especially if it was done as I described.
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    Here is a link to a video on pin and welding. Odds are it will show you what you are up against. You will probably sacrifice the old muzzle device but it can be removed fairly easily with some tools.

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