Hey all,

We're introducing a new one-day fundamental shotgun class that I'm calling a 'Gauge Clinic'. Every one will be a little different, combining push-pull recoil management in the morning with a specific skillset focus in the afternoon. This is an outgrowth of some shorter half-day programs I've taught here locally in AZ for limited audiences, and something I've wanted to expand for a while now. If you're new to shotgunning, this will be an excellent jumpstart to get you primed for a 2-day class. If you're an experienced shotgunner, this will be a great way to fine-tune your technique via coaching and get some reps in.


This course is designed to take the new shotgunner through the basics of operating the defensive shotgun. The morning session will start off with safety, basic manipulations and function, then move on to our Push/Pull method of recoil control. Using this unique method of recoil management, the student will be able to reduce felt recoil by nearly 50% and be able to fire follow-up shots with a 12 gauge pump shotgun as fast as most shooters can accurately fire their pistols.

Bring a sack lunch, and we'll talk about accessories and configurations

Afternoon will focus on reloading the gun from various types of ammunition carriers, as well as contextual information on the benefits and downsides of each.

Instructor: Matt Haught

Dates: Sat, Apr 29, 2023, 8:30am-5:00pm

Location: Prescott National Forest, Prescott, AZ (detailed map/directions will be sent prior to class date)

Tuition: $200.00 

Equipment requirements: 

Reliable tube-fed duty-type shotgun (box-magazine or break-action guns are also acceptable, but the class will focus on tube magazines)

Ammo carriage gear (Dump pouch, belt carriers, chest rig, etc, to allow you to bring at least 25 rounds to the line at a time)

Eye and ear protection

Shooting gloves (barrels get HOT)

Clothing suitable for range work (boots are recommended over sneakers at this range)

Snacks and water


Weapons lubricant and cleaning supplies

200 rds. birdshot (lead only, no steel shot)

20 rds. buckshot (lead only, no steel shot)

We also highly recommend having an individual trauma first aid kit and the training to use it!