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Thread: Chat GPT for police reports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    I’d never even heard of this program until yesterday but saw two Army officers state that it’s excellent at writing SITREPs. I bet it’s very doable if not being done already.

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    Please tell me they’re not using public domain servers for this.

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    Some YT channels reporting the news in UKR must be using it. It keeps repeating the same content only rearranged to sound like it's different in some way, but it isn't. Probably translated into English from another language also. It's weird. A human writing that script wouldn't keep saying the same thing over and over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Dobbs View Post
    Another concern on this is how many problems can defense counsel raise on using AI to write reports used to prosecute defendants?
    You just have to defend your own testimony and everything the AI program wrote for you. I know I'd love to get skewered for an extra couple hours on the stand about AI and how it writes, edits, and otherwise fucks up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I have the only AI based patent pending police report writing system out there. I am a former LEO. Looking for input and testing from other officers text me if you want to help change law enforcement for the better. 727 455 8935
    I've been developing an AI script for police reports for several months now, and I'm quite interested in the work you're doing. I would be eager to participate in beta testing your project. As a police officer in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada, I believe we could beneficially exchange ideas and feedback via email or Messenger. Please let me know if this is possible. Cheers.

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    Astroturfing, maybe?


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    Holy crap do I hope nobody gets involved with new member above...
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    I'd be pretty pissed off if my freedom hinged not just on some random cop's writing skills, but on the intersection of (a) some random cop's proofreading skills and attention to detail and (b) the output of software vomited forth from some outsourced Uzbek coding sweatshop.
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    Yeah, but does the AI know how to write: "Saw drunk, arrested same."?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horseman View Post
    Yeah, but does the AI know how to write: "Saw drunk, arrested same."?

    I got to see some 1930's vintage reports from my agency. They were literally the same as the above. I actually tried to submit one like that for a drunk arrest circa 1979. My sergeant wouldn't buy in for some reason...
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    Maybe because of the GPT title, this thread is attracting spammers... I'm ready and waiting to use this again.

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