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Thread: Pistol Reference Card for New 1911 Owners

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    Pistol Reference Card for New 1911 Owners

    I bought my first 1911 last year. Accordingly, I started recording notes from the wealth of information available, so I could safely operate my new pistol, but it was all new to me. It then occurred to me I could write this down in the format of my Mini Red Dot Sight Quick Reference Cards. These "MRDS QRCs", posted here and elsewhere, contain reference information on pistol mounted red dot sights. So I put what I had collected into that format, making a "Pistol Quick Reference Card", for a new 1911 user like me. I ended up using two cards, an A and a B.

    I focused on:

    Basic field stripping and Safety
    What all the parts are called
    A consistent order of disassembling the frame and putting it back together

    Space is limited, so some things had to be left out, or abbreviated. The order of the frame disassembly/assembly is (I think) ok, but I am sure there are other ways you can do the same steps. Also, thanks to @farscott for providing some helpful content.

    I realize most of you know quite a lot about the 1911, but my hope is this helps someone else, like me, who is just starting on this learning process.

    Note: Do not download the image, it is a screen shot and does not render well. Download the attached PDF file, at the bottom, print it normal size, and cut out both cards, folding once.
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    Updated to Rev 2.0 with a bunch of changes in wording. I've had these cards on my desk the past few months, making notes, and finally got around to editing the file today. Most of the changes came in the frame disassembly/assembly, just wording, really. I had a opportunity last couple days to take my 1911 apart and put it back together several times (ahem) so I got lots of practice.

    I removed the Extractor Test and inserted a Hammer Follow test; much appreciate @SoCalDep for answering my question in a thread on this a while back.

    Looks like this:

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    But use the *.pdf below to download and print. You should end up with a pair of 3x5 "Cards", as per usual.
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    The picture depicts a full length guide rod which does not take down in the GI manner described.
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    I have had this card in use for a while. I took the opportunity here in the new year to do some cleanup; mostly wording changes, as well as some subtle mods the graphics.

    Changes include fewer/larger/bolder labels on the pistol, desert tan background, wording clarity (well, for me anyway) throughout. I also removed the 10 8 test and put in the test for hammer follow (infrequent use only, as per the gunsmiths here on the forum (I are not one)). The frame assembly / disassembly is just how I ended up doing it; there are lots of ways obviously.

    For me, I take my 1911 apart infrequently, but I like having a convenient set of steps to hand when I do, so that's mainly what I use this for.

    Below is the "2024" version. The file for download and print is at my Google drive:

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