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Thread: Speedloader pouch

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    Speedloader pouch

    So, I have been dabbling in leather working for a few months.

    A few days ago, I was looking for a Safariland single speedloader pouch to replace my old single pouch that I have from the 90s.

    I started looking my old one over and, thought, I bet I could make one that would actually fit my 1 1/2 belt.

    I ended up with what you see in the pictures. Now keep in mind this is merely a prototype and its finished up any. I was just seeing if/how I could make one.Name:  3F138BB4-4A47-4521-B1FF-D40564235748.jpg
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    Looks good.

    I've found that I prefer the duty belt one with a screw to tighten it up. Otherwise they roll out a little.
    Like this
    Name:  IMG_20211108_154150~2.jpg
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