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Thread: Rob Haught/SYMTAC Consulting 2-Day Shotgun Skills Class - Nov 4-5 2023 - Alpine, CA

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    Rob Haught/SYMTAC Consulting 2-Day Shotgun Skills Class - Nov 4-5 2023 - Alpine, CA

    SYMTAC Consulting is proud to bring our flagship 2-day Shotgun Skills course to southern California at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club in Alpine, CA (east of San Diego)!

    This course primarily focuses on the Push/Pull method of recoil control. Using Rob's unique method of recoil management, the student will be able to reduce felt recoil by nearly 50% and be able to fire follow-up shots with a 12 gauge shotgun as fast as most shooters can fire their pistols. The student will also be introduced to the shotgun CQB technique, which effectively shortens the weapon by 33%, making it effective even in extremely tight quarters. Other topics include: marksmanship fundamentals, patterning zones, ammunition selection, tactical manipulation, equipment selection, low light considerations, malfunction clearances, pistol transitions, pivots/turns, and shooting on the move.

    Instructors: Rob & Matt Haught

    Dates: Sat/Sun, Nov 4-5 2023

    Location: Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club
    16232 Sequan Truck Trail
    Alpine, CA 91901

    Tuition: $475.00 (Plus $20 range fee, payable on location)

    Equipment requirements:

    Reliable duty-type shotgun (pump or semi-auto)
    Ability to carry at least 25 rounds to the line (Dump pouch, belt carriers, chest rig, etc.)
    Service pistol and holster
    Eye and ear protection
    Shooting gloves
    Clothing suitable for range work
    Snacks and water
    Weapons lubricant and cleaning supplies
    400 rds. birdshot (lead only, no steel shot)
    35 rds. buckshot
    15 rds. slug
    50 rds. pistol

    We also highly recommend having an individual trauma first aid kit and the training to use it!

    Matt Haught
    SYMTAC Consulting LLC

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    This is a really fun and useful class. The Three Mighty Men of Team Haught put on a great learning experience!

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