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Thread: RFI: How to wear olde-school army neckerchief/desert scarf

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    RFI: How to wear olde-school army neckerchief/desert scarf

    I picked up one of THESE for cheap a while back after seeing Dave Merrill talk about it over at Breach, Bang, Clear. Shemaghs are for Yasir Arafat and hipsters.

    I remember seeing tons of pictures of dudes in Desert Shield/Storm wearing them, but I can't find any how-to's, only guides on how to wear a Shemagh. I would assume it would be the same, but do we have any old-school Army/Marine guys that can give me the low-down?
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    I remember those. I was there and I think I was issued one, it might have been 2 but being a resourceful GI I ended up with 7 or 8. I also don't remember getting any type of lessons or training on how to wear them. You just kind of figured it out own your own, I wish we had google back then. They did have a tendency to get smaller if one did not have any MRE toilet paper. I have several Shemaghs that I wear, more in the winter fishing than any other time. I like the different colors too.

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