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Thread: Laugo Arms Alien

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Itís probably the same kind of guy as the Porsche owner who buys a sports car but lets the dealership pick the tires because they donít know any better.

    There are a lot of unsophisticated users of high end equipment that buy them because they think theyíre buying performance.

    But donít know how to get performance out of their equipment.
    I don't know this, but I suspect it's the same guy I occasionally see parked there with a Lambo Aventador... with the chewed-up front valance from hitting too many curbs and speed bumps.

    I know, I am stereotyping, but odds are I am right

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    Yep, slide had gotten him in the web between thumb and finger. They make the point of their super low bore axis which certainly looks to be true. But then they also allow a really high grip position because the beaver tail is so thin.

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    I have a couple Aliens and have over a thousand rounds though them. I keep a high grip and never experienced slide bite.

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