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Thread: Bullpups, good alternative to AR pistols?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderco monkey View Post
    Ultimately I suspect people are confusing the problems of having a fixed, non adjustable stock (a legitimate downside of bullpups) with length of pull (which I argue is overstated).
    Of course nobody cares about Keltecs…

    But the RDB-S has an adjustable stock… so technically you could make a bullpup with an adjustable stock.
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    [QUOTE=spyderco monkey;1446378]
    Quote Originally Posted by UNM1136 View Post

    For institutional users, aside from cost / retraining / small parts availability (of which really nothing competes with the AR) I suspect the primary issue would be having a fixed stock rather than length of pull.

    Whereas an AR can compensate hugely for different body types by changing the length of the stock, a bullpup can only be tailored by moving the optic forward or back to suit a specific shooters eye relief. Not much of an issue with a RDS, but big issue with a magnified optic.
    So we largely agree.

    I desperately want a bullpup or three, but they will be fun guns, not likely to make the cut at work. Unless my next LT comes from Customs....

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    I have bad ideas

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    Might see if this is viable for PCSL…
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