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Thread: EDCLB Run Times & Battery Management

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    EDCLB Run Times & Battery Management


    Review the Li-ion Battery Safety Instructions before using Li-ion rechargeable cells!

    In order to get the best performance from an EDCLB flashlight and the longest life from Li-ion rechargeable cells, over-discharge of the cell should be avoided.

    The ANSI FL1 standard is used to determine the run time of flashlights. The test starts with a fresh cell in the light, beginning 30 seconds after the light is turned on. The light is then left on until the output falls to 10% of the initial reading, at which point the time is recorded as the run time of the flashlight.

    In practical terms, the ANSI FL1 run time is not a useful measure of how long a light can run while serving its intended purpose. For that reason, creating a run time graph for the flashlight will be far more indicative of what the useful run time is. What follows are run time graphs for various EDCLB flashlights along with recommendations on when a Li-ion cell should be recharged or swapped out for a fully-charged cell.

    E2HT D18350 Dagger, E2XTD 18350 Fat Boy and BGV2 18350 Bodyguard

    Based on the run time graphs, the maximum recommended run time of useful light on a fully charged cell is as follows;

    - Fat Boy - 12 minutes (ANSI FL1 run time = 19 minutes)
    - Dagger - 18 minutes (ANSI FL1 run time = 27 minutes)
    - Bodyguard - 15 minutes on high only, 60 minutes on low only. Actual run time will fall between these two values depending on the use of high/low modes. ANSI FL1 run time = 24 minutes high / 104 minutes low

    Battery Management Recommendations

    The Fat Boy model uses the Malkoff E2XTD direct drive head. Decrease in output is continuous as the cell voltage drops. For this reason, we recommend recharging or inserting a fully-charged cell as frequently as possible to maintain maximum output.

    The Dagger model uses the Malkoff E2HT head with voltage regulation, so it can be used with a pair of CR123 batteries (6 volts). There is little decrease in output until the cell reaches 3.4 volts at the 16-minute mark, at which point the head will go into direct-drive with continuous decline in output.

    The Bodyguard BGV2 head also uses voltage regulation, so its decline in output vs. voltage is similar to Dagger.

    For the Dagger and Bodyguard models, we recommend recharging or inserting a fully-charged cell as frequently as possible to maintain maximum run time.

    For all models: if you notice a reduction in light output, the cell should be changed/recharged immediately!

    E1 PSE, E1 Admin & E1 Inspector HF

    Graphs include run time using a standard CR123 battery and a 16340 700mAh Li-ion flat top cell.

    These models have a voltage regulation circuit that holds output at the highest possible level until the voltage drops to 2.5 volts. Below 2.5 volts, the light output will suddenly and drastically fall to a much reduced level as seen in the graphs above.

    If using a CR123 battery, the flashlight can continue to be used if the light output is sufficient. Otherwise a new CR123 battery should be installed.

    If using a Li-ion cell, to avoid damage to the cell the light should be turned off immediately! The cell should be recharged as soon as possible. A fully-charged cell (or a CR123 battery) should be inserted to continue using the light.
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    EDCLB Run Times & Battery Management

    I noticed my BG2 / Orbtronic 18350 flash briefly in low mode, battery voltage was ~3.2V. Is that flash a feature of the head or the battery?
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